Hello everyone at Acko.... Just wanted to say thanks so much for the tickets you printed for me. They look great!! Have a great weekend...
Michelle Mollicone new
Met and crew have always been very professional, providing quality copies on a timely basis at a reasonable price. Acko Printing is Brooks Photo's official printers. Highest recommendation.
George ‐ Brooks Photography 
A quick thank you. Envelopes looked terrific! Everything got packed and shipped out yesterday form here so thank you again for your help in accomplishing this.
The manuals came out great, they are very well done and I really like the cover…thanks for a great job.
Michael, Technical Director/Owner ‐ Techceuticals
Hi Met
Thanks again for quickly finishing my print order..... I was so curious of how it would turn out. My relative thought it was just great....of which we both acknowledged you did a nice job!
Debbie M.
Met -
thank you so much, the stickers are perfect! They look great, I just received them. I may have more work for you in the future too.
Constance Z
I was going to call you yesterday. I LOVED the print job. WELL DONE!! I wasn't surprised. They're beautiful!! You didn't disappoint me :) Thank you thank you thank you!!
Here is a letter of recommendation for doing a great job on our book , I hope you like it it was my pleasure to write this letter. The book turned out fantastic and can't be more happy to present this years edition of The Family Momento Book to the WSC.Special Stars Families at our season end Party. Your company is truely Professionals in the Printing Business.
Hi Met,
I just got home very late, and got your email now. Even before I received your message, I was very aware of the fact that you could have charged me more for a rush fee - so I wanted you to know that 1) I am very aware of that and very grateful, and 2) all evening I have been showing around the banner and telling people "and they didn't even charge me a rush fee!" So, yes, I know - and I have been advertising your excellent service already! :) Really happy with the product and service.
Sandi ‐ Sandi Wheaton Photography
Hi Met and Sandi
I just wanted to thank you both for all of the work you have done for me this week. The posters, activity guide, placemat are all exceptional. I can’t believe how accommodating you both are. Sandi, Met told me that you came in to set up the off set for the activity guide today, Met told me that I had just missed you when I came in. Thanks so much for that. I know that everyone in Olde Sandwich Towne is pleased with your work, and Kingsville is very happy with what we have.
Maggie ‐ Windsor Parade Corporation
Thank you very much! As always you have expeditiously fulfilled our needs! Your efforts are most sincerely appreciated.
Christine ‐ CastleBreck Inc
Hi Met!
I was so impressed with your attention to detail and the packaging of my sister's project, that I wanted to send more work your way. I told Al and Chris (partners at One Digital) how wonderful your customer service was and they want to start using you for small format jobs. Thanks Met!
Lisa ‐ OneDigital
Thanks, Met, you're awesome. The girls loved the layout so everything is officially done now.
You have at least found a permanent customer in me through all this. There are some school-related things I like to print in colour and my old inkjet just doesn't cut it sometimes. I think I'll be in touch again.
LM ‐ Greater Essex County District School Board
I loved the fliers. They are great. Thank you.
Christine, Front Store Manager ‐ Motion Specialties Windsor
I assure you, Met, that we are extremely pleased with you and your staff. We received outstanding support and great products. More will indeed be coming your way!
Morris, CEO ‐ Commissionaires Windsor Division
You're Awesome! Thank you.
Christine ‐ Cloud9Images
Good morning Met!
Thank you , thank you, thank you for the great work last week!!! The quality of the products you produced for us was wonderful and in such a short time frame as well.
Elaine, Managing Editor ‐ Walkerville Publishing & Communications
Super thanks so much. Great customer service...I like that.
Janet ‐ Lakeside Graphics
Hi Met! We got the brochures and they look great. . Thank-you.
Your printing services are fantastic! Always great to deal with.
Christine ‐ Cloud9Images 
You're the best - thanks!
Christopher Pressey ‐ Graphic Designer for Hire
Hey Met, Thank You, I really appreciate it. We like doing business with you and will continue to send people your way
Cristina ‐ A Perfect Day Wedding and Event Planning
You did such a beautiful job on my books, you've done me proud!
Thanks so much, you're the best!
The Posters were beautiful- hopefully we'll print more soon
Chris ‐ Walkerville Publishing & Communications
Thank you so much for your wonderful and fast service. I want everyone there to know how much I appreciate what you all did (including the ellipses adjustments)! In the future, if I or any I know needs cards, we definitely know where to go!
Dustin ‐ Flip-The-Script Editing
Thanks for the great service with the score sheets—this was far faster than Mr. Copies would have done, and way cheaper than Staples quoted me.
Bev, Director ‐ ACWC
Hi Metin, I just want to say THANK YOU, for the great job that you just did for me. The Sign for the Restaurant was an excellent out-put. I was surprised!!! As a Photographer, I looked for the Details, Sharpens, Colors, Qualities and Realistic Images. I had ALL that in this Sign, my Client who I did the Sign for said, It was the best investment I did in this restaurant. It looks Fantastic, and already paid off for it. He had so many complements about it. I had done elsewhere similar Sign, size and images. It was bad, I had request to reprint again, came out the same poor quality. Nowhere near to what I had got from you at ACKO. I want to say Thank you and I appreciate your service and High Quality, Which I'm after. Keep up your great work!!! worth every single penny.
Neil - Neil Elias Photography
The manuals came out great, they are very well done and I really like the cover…thanks for a great job.
A quick thank you. Envelopes looked terrific! Everything got packed and shipped out yesterday from here so thank you again for your help in accomplishing this.
Wanted you both to know I am having great response on the calendars. No direct sales yet, but looks positive, and people are seeing them EVERYWHERE. Great exposure!! great distribution!! so many many thanks again.
Dawn ‐ DawnBanning.com
Hi Met,
We are extremely satisfied with the quality, price and with the turnaround.
You are the best. I just received a call from the CAO from the Town of Kingsville raving about the new event guide and how professional it is! I told him who did it, how good you were, and how reasonable.

Good on you guys
Good morning Met!
Yes, we definitely liked the print job - thank you Met for helping us out on such short notice! Have a great week.
Nancy, Publisher/Producer ‐ InRetro Magazine
Thank you very much. Brochures look very good.
Thanks, Met.
I will definitely keep you in mind for future business - and I have passed your name on to others and told them what great service you gave me when I dealt with you.
Sandi ‐ Sandi Wheaton Photography
“They Look Great!”
Well Done Met, Much appreciated. They are going to LOVE THEM!!
Adam ‐ MediaDuo
Thank you!
You have wonderful customer service.
Lisa ‐ OneDigital
Thanks Met!
It's a pleasure to work with you and your crew! All great people ;)
Lisa ‐ Legacy
Love them! Thanks again. They look perfect!
Hi Met - My cards look great!!! Thank you so much!
Christopher Pressey ‐ Graphic Designer for Hire

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