Full Colour Magnetic Business Cards

Full color magnetic business cards - the proven inexpensive marketing tool that works overtime. It's the ideal business card handout for trade shows, conventions, open houses, product launches, and professional appointment reminders.

According to the Canadian Association of Advertising Specialties (CAAS), the average refrigerator magnet is viewed 23.4 times per day. Wouldn't you like your magnetic business card to be prominently placed? Magnetic business cards can be adhered to metal office filing cabinets, lockers, metal doors, automobiles and more.

A business or organization is only as good as its presentation. Cheaply printed business cards reflect poorly on your company and are more likely to end up in the garbage than in your potential clients' Rolodexes. Magnetic business cards, on the other hand, show that you have confidence in your products and services and are willing to invest a little bit more in promotion.

Standard Magnetic Cards
3.5" x 2"
Quantity Price Unit Price Per Magnet
100 $64 $0.64
250 $99 $0.39
500 $179 $0.36
1,000 $299 $0.30
2,000 $520 $0.26
3,000 $690 $0.23
4,000 $800 $0.20
5,000 $900 $0.18
10,000 $1,650 $0.165

Mini Magnetic Cards
4" x1.5"
Quantity Price Unit Price Per Magnet
100 $59 $0.59
250 $89 $0.35
500 $149 $0.30
1,000 $239 $0.24
Approval is needed prior to the printing and it can be done by e-mail, fax, mail or in person
Set up charge; Either your artwork or ours.